Testing & Talent Search

What is the Talent Search?

The Talent Search was developed by Johns Hopkins University as a way to assess bright students who usually score in the 97% percentile and above on standardized tests designed for their grade level.  The Talent Search has strong students take above-grade level standardized tests, usually 2 to 3 grade levels above. This allows for a better assessment of what students are capable of achieving.


Who should sit for the Talent Search?

Teachers and/or principals frequently recommend their top students to sit for the exam. Parents can also register their children if they feel that their son or daughter is up for the challenge of accelerated work.


Should I study for the Talent Search?

Though we do not recommend spending a significant amount of time preparing for the Talent Search, we do recommend that students and parents take some time to familiarize themselves with the format of the tests.  Making sure students understand some basic strategies for answering multiple choice questions and making sure they are comfortable filling out the answer sheet bubbles can allow students to be able to show their true ability on the tests.



Where do I find information about the School and College Ability Test (SCAT)?


  • This test runs 44 minutes, although with a break and time to switch sections, the total testing time could be as much as 75 minutes.


  • The test given is two-to-three grades higher than normally given to students this age.  The test measures verbal and mathematical reasoning ability.


  • There are 55 items in each section.  Students are given 22 minutes to complete each  section.


  • The verbal section measures a student’s understanding of the meaning of words. The questions are all multiple choice and are answered by choosing a pair of words to complete an analogy.


  • The quantitative section measures a student’s understanding of fundamental number operations. The questions require a student to compare two mathematical quantities and determine which is greater.


Mini SCAT tests (P4 to M1)

The purpose of these mini tests is to provide students a chance to famililarize themselves with the question format. Some of the questions on the actual test will be more difficult, some will be less difficult and they will cover more topics. CTY does not provide a list of topics to be covered in the test. There will be more questions and more time will be allotted during the actual test.

To administer the mini test to your child you should first print out the test. Make sure your child has scrap paper for the math section. Use a clock or watch to time each section of the test (5 minutes per section). The answers are on the last page.

SCAT P4 Sample Questions and Answers

SCAT P5 and P6 Sample Questions and Answers

SCAT M1 Sample Questions and Answers



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