Brief History of CTY Bermuda

(Formerly Known as the Institute for Talented Students [ITS])


CTY Bermuda takes a forward vision. It can proudly say that it is the first established center dedicated to serving talented youth in Bermuda. CTY Bermuda was founded in affiliation with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.  CTY Bermuda, which began as the Institute for Talented Students (ITS), was founded by Riquette Bonne-Smith as a non-profit limited liability company dedicated to providing programs to students who have the potential to excel academically. ITS is registered as a charitable organization under the Charities Act.

After two years of preparation and a very successful Talent Search, the Institute opened its doors in January 2003, with 85 students of various backgrounds from the public and private schools and with a dedicated staff of Math and English teachers.

In 2005 CTY Bermuda expanded its offerings to include an art program, under the leadership of renowned Bermudian artist, Ms. Sharon Wilson, and a Marine Science program in a partnership with the Bermuda Biological Station for Scientific Research.

CTY Bermuda also created in 2005 the first Mathematics Olympiad competition for Bermuda in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This April will be the fourth annual competition.

History of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

In 1972, Dr. Julian Stanley, a psychology professor at the Johns Hopkins University, introduced the first talent search designed to identify, challenge, and reward academically able young people. In1979, CTY was formally established and since then has expanded to offer a wide range of academic opportunities and to conduct research, disseminate information, consult with educational organizations, advocate public policy initiatives, and offer diagnostic and counseling services.

Over the years, participation has also grown greatly. By 1992, some 6,000 students were enrolled in CTY summer programs at a dozen sites throughout the United States and overseas. In 2000, more than 90,000 students participated in CTY’s Talent Search. 9,000 students enrolled in CTY summer programs. 2,500 took a CTY distance learning course, and 8,000 students and parents participated in CTY’s one-day conferences.

CTY has established a broad network and continues to work with students, families, teachers, school districts, government agencies, for-profit and non-profit corporations, and other to identify and nurture academic talent at the pre-collegiate level. To date, CTY has identified nearly one million students and has served over 100,000 students through its programs.

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